Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Ever since being attacked by wolves as a little girl Grace has felt drawn to the wolves. But one wolf in particular really stands out for her. It's those yellow eyes. She even calls him - her wolf. Sam, the boy with the yellow eyes. Lives two lives. One where he is protected by a pack, and lives in the forest with other wolves. Then the few months of the summer when he is able to change back into a human. He's watched Grace every winter. She became a type of silent friend to him, and when Sam finds himself in trouble during the cold of winter, he turns to Grace for help. With Grace at his side he must fight to stay human, and that means keeping his body temperature high enough in the cold chill of winter.

Shiver is more than just your normal paranormal tale, in fact if it could only be classified as one single thing, I would classify it as a story of romance that just so happens to have werewolves mixed in. Sam & Grace's story is more about how two teens belong together. Both know that they are meant to be together but there seems to be no concievable way to change the fact that Sam is and always will be a werewolf, only able to be human in the summer and in a few years never to change into a human again... And this is Sam's last year to change...

As Grace and Sam struggle to keep Sam human and find a cure, a local boy named Jack dies by being attacked by the very wolves that Sam calls family. Jack is angry because he can't stay either wolf or human... But he believes that there is someone with a cure, someone who though bitten by a wolf never experienced the Change... someone by the name of Grace Brisbane. In a race against time and against the temperature, its on to find a cure for the virus that makes the wolves wolves.


  1. This sounds like a twist on the werewolf story that I could enjoy reading. I'm intrigued by the "cure" aspect to the plot. I'll have to check it out!

  2. It is a twist on werewolves... but it is more of a romance than a werewolf story... I personally loved it. I have reread it so many times and reread the sequel Linger...

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  4. Does sound quite romantic, I've always loved wolves.

    Following from Book Blogs, glad I had a chance to stop by :-)

  5. glad ya'll stopped by... and stacey it is romantic... i loved it and would suggest it to anyone who asked for me to suggest a book